'How GlaxoSmithKline Took Its Medicine' by Forbes journo Matthew Herper is an interesting read. It's fairly balanced and, for once, we see a journalist not blowing smoke up the ass of GlaxoSmithKline'...
Unconfirmed reports have surfaced that GlaxoSmithKline have hired the services of Ropes & Gray, a US law firm, to conduct an external investigation of its China business.Colleen Conry and Brien OC...
GSK Whistleblower Blair Hamrick & Bob FiddamanI started writing this blog back in 2006. I had some issues with the antidepressant drug manufactured and marketed by British pharmaceutical giant Gla...
The following video is for the UK Serious Fraud Office SFO who announced last month that they will be investigating GlaxoSmithKline.It's assumed that the SFO will only be investigating Glaxo's foreign...
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