Disgraced Psychiatrist, Dr. Graham EmslieIt's no secret several unethical doctors pretended to write the Paxil 329 Study. Adding their names to the shady ghostwritten article was sequentially responsi...
Andrew Bayman - King & SpaldingSource Google ImagesJury finds for plaintiff.Defence appeals and asks for new trial.Judge rejects defense motion for new trial.The defense now rejects the decision o...
GlaxoSmithKline GSK has been delivered a devastating blow by Judge William T. Hart in their efforts for a new trial against Plaintiff Wendy Dolin who, earlier this year, won her case against GSK after...
Wendy and Stewart DolinDeath by DeceptionA couple of cracking pieces were published in the New York Times NYT 48 hours ago about Paxil and the Dolin vs. GlaxoSmithKline GSK trial. The articles covered...
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