It seems strange that the diagnosis of Attention Deficits Hyperactivity Disorder ADHD been increasing so dramatically over the past few years. Ten per cent of boys in America are prescribed some kind ...
Former Glaxo World 'Safety Officer', Dr Ian HudsonIn an attempt to seek the truth and learn how the regulations of prescription drugs work, Swedish investigative journalist, Janne Larsson, has been, f...
I wrote this back in 2011 and think it's worthy of a re-post.It's a modern day version of a tale we are all familiar with - it's also something we should all pay heed to - when reading you can substit...
Fox News investigates why children are being prescribed powerful psychiatric medicine.Pediatric shrinks who prescribe this mind-numbing drugs should be utterly ashamed of themselves.MyFoxAustin KTBC F...
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