Love this article about Michael B. Jordan's take on life with lupus, and his support for Selena Gomez. Mr. Jordan's mother suffers from lupus, and he gives a candid and spot-on interview about what lu...
Don't forget - today is the last day to take advantage of the SunGrubbies promotion Through September 30th, SunGrubbies is offering all Despite Lupus readers 10 off their purchase from their website. ...
I am excited to bring the second post in our yoga series from Christa Fairbrother. Her first post, The 10 Benefits of Yoga, highlighted the advantages of yoga, as they apply to chronic illness. In tod...
Have you seen the Lupus Foundation of America's new post about Fabulupus They compile their top ten quotes from the book. And they are words to live byCheck out the post here, and see one of my favori...
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