I have to start this particular bowel transplant blog with a birthday hug. Who for, well me actually. Why Well at the precise time I post this blog I was, two years, ago coming out of threatre after m...
ArthritisandExercise Your bones have a close relationship with the joints of the body. Hip joints. Knee joints. The joints found in your fingers and in your toes. When an arthritic condition occurs, i...
So here's something to consider. Since the nascent days of the modern fitness industry, the exhortation to "use good form" when you lift weights and run, and cycle and swim and so on has bee...
Posture. I don't talk about it much here because it seems a little, well, boring. On the other hand, when it comes to fitness, it's of major, major importance where your 'neutral' is determines everyt...
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