Joint Pain

I am excited to bring the second post in our yoga series from Christa Fairbrother. Her first post, The 10 Benefits of Yoga, highlighted the advantages of yoga, as they apply to chronic illness. In tod...
I am thrilled to bring you a series of guest posts from Christa Fairbrother, owner ofBee Content Yoga, and Program Director for Yoga for Arthritis. Below she shares valuable information about why yoga...
Do You Have Aching Joints Having aching joints is something that almost everyone will encounter at some point in their lifetime. We have now learned that there are steps you can take for joint pain re...
Here, at Despite Lupus, we are thrilled that Chronic Pain Disorders chose to feature a list of top Lupus blogs of 2016. And we're even more thrilled and honored to have been includedCheck outtheir sit...
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