This is the fifth in the series of the homicide files. My attention was to throw light on the homicide cases that have been reported to the FDA where the antidepressant, Prozac fluoxetine has been ass...
It's not often one comes across a coroner who goes against the grain.It's not often coroners come up against surviving family members armed with knowledge about drugs used to treat apparent mental ill...
An amendment toto the Coroners Bill is being put forward in Ireland later this weekon behalf of a Stephanie McGill Lynch who believes her 14 year-old son, Jake pictured took his own life as a result o...
The following is a guest post. It was sent to me by Stephanie Lynch, the mother of Jake McGill Lynch who, at the age of 14, took a .22 rifle, placed it in his mouth and pulled the trigger. Jake, at th...
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