I was asked to write on the topic of shoes, and thought it would be beneficial to write about this at this time of year because, well sandals at one time were a difficult piece of footwear for my cere...
Do you struggle to wear sandals because of your cerebral palsy This is just one follow-up post to bare feet and cerebral palsy. That post in itself sparked a lot of emails and discussion so I thought ...
Twoseparateinquests in the space of a month have ruled that the popular antidepressant citalopram, marketed as Cipramil in the UK and Celexa in the US, was deemed to be involved in the deaths of a 23 ...
One of things I absolutely hate and dread almost as much as my mother is the chore of shoe shopping. I think at the moment I own about a maximum of five pairs of seemingly sensible shoes. No heals for...
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