By Rachel Gelman When I was younger, the phrase You are what you eat, totally confused me. Doughnuts are so delicious and sweet, therefore if I eat a half dozen of glazed old fashioned doesnt that mea...
5 Things You Should Stop Eating For Weight Loss Choosing to eat healthy is a great step to living healthy but what you may not know is that there may be some so called healthy foods that you must stop...
Why SERIOUSLY to get most forms of fructose out of your diet Americans eat a truly awful diet. We get most of our fructose in foods that are sweetened with high-fructose corn syrup,of HFCS. HFCS is a ...
STIRRING CHOCOLATE, c, JUDY BARNES BAKER CHOCOLATE CANDY, c 2013, JUDY BARNES BAKER I had a request for a recipe for chocolate chips and I realized that I didn't have one on the blog. This one is adap...
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