Autism Spectrum

THE ADHD CONUNDRUM. Is the ADHD-like behavior the result of ADHD The classroom environment or the teacher Asynchronous development If the meds help, does that mean the problem is ADHD In an opinion pi...
ELIGIBILITY FOR SPECIAL SERVICES. In raising or teaching a twice-exceptional child, one basic consideration is whether the child is eligible for special services, for example under IDEA. The current e...
Twoseparateinquests in the space of a month have ruled that the popular antidepressant citalopram, marketed as Cipramil in the UK and Celexa in the US, was deemed to be involved in the deaths of a 23 ...
LD GOES TO COLLEGE. US News provides eight steps for students with LDs who want to attend college Start preparing early; experiment with technology; be creative; put the student in charge; and four mo...
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