Alzheimer's Disease

Last week Alzheimers got a huge boost. Billionaire Bill Gates said he is investing 50 million of his own money into theDementia Discovery Fund, a private-public research partnership focused on some of...
On November 1st the Womens Alzheimers Movement launched Challenge 66, a month-long campaign to encourage you to leading a brain-healthy lifestyle. Every 66 seconds a new brain develops Alzheimers. Thi...
Another November is here and another November where advocates and families of loved ones with Alzheimers or those serving as Caregivers to someone with Alz is in the continues trenches for a cure. Wer...
November is National Alzheimers Disease Awareness and Caregivers Month. While Im gearing up to be my best next month, I wanted to share again, from seven years ago, on why I started this mission. My p...
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