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Symptoms of erectile dysfunction
Most men experience an inability to maintain an erection during sexual activity at tome time in their lives.  This is normal.  However, if inability to maintain erection occurs 25% of the time or more, then you should see a doctor in order to diagnose possible ED.

The main symptom of erectile dysfunction is problems getting or keeping an erection. However, erectile dysfunction manifests in varying degrees.  One symptom, for example is the ability to have an erection, but the inability to ejaculate.  Some men may initially be capable of having an erection, but incapable of maintaining it.  Also, ED can manifest as the occasional inability to maintain an erection (but as mentioned earlier must occur 25% of the time in order to be considered a dysfunction).  The four types of symptoms of ED include the:

  • total inability to achieve erection
  • occasional ability to achieve erection
  • ability to achieve erection, but inability to control ejaculation

When to seek help
Because erectile dysfunction can occur at any age (and for a variety of reasons) occasional inability to keep an erection may not require visit a doctor.  Continual problems though, may cause concern and affect both self-image and relationships….and may be related to other illnesses, such as heart disease.  In these cases, it is important to consult your doctor. 

If you are experiencing on-going problems with penis erection, maintaining an erection, or cannot ejaculate, consult with your doctor for a diagnosis.  To learn more about how doctor diagnose erectile disfunction and which doctor you should visit,, continue reading.

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