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Brain Cancer Causes and Risk Factors

Risk factors
Currently, researchers are not aware of any definite cause of brain cancer. Plus, the brain is an isolated part of the body, and is not as exposed to substances that are inhaled or eaten (e.g. cigarettes). There are numerous speculations that cell phones, electromagnetic waves, particular types of chemicals (e.g. black hair dye; vinyl chloride; etc.) can cause brain cancer. However, there is no conclusive evidence currently available. The few potential risk factors that are associated with the development of brain cancer.

Age - the elderly and young children make up most brain cancer cases.

Exposure to radiation - radiation therapy to the head may increase the likelihood of developing brain cancer. This may increase the chances of developing a brain tumour, but the chances are still low enough to justify it as effective treatment for some diseases and conditions.

Family history - rarely, people are diagnosed cancer due to a family history of brain cancer which usually begins at a young age.

Immune system disorders - people diagnosed with immune system disorders may be at a higher risk of having cancer of the lymph nodes that exist near the nervous system. These lymphomas aid in the protection of the immune system. Furthermore, if the immune system is weak it cannot find, recognize and fight tumour cells appropriately.

How do you know if you are experiencing symptoms of brain cancer? To learn more about the common and early symptoms of brain cancer, read here for additional information.

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