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Bad breath
Although the eyes may be the window to the soul, your mouth is a window to your body's health. Sometimes the first sign of a disease shows up in your mouth.

What is bad breath?
The state of your oral health can offer lots of clues about your overall health.  Breath odor is the scent of the air you breathe from the mouth. Distinctive or offensive breath odor is commonly called "bad breath".  Bad breath (also known as halitosis), by itself, is usually not a disease. However, bad breath is usually a symptom of some other disease process  going on within your body.

The causes of bad breath are many.  But generally, although bad breath originates in the mouth, oral health is an indication of other problems in the body.  To learn more about possible medical causes of bad breath continue reading.  We'll inform you on who is at risk of bad breath and causes of bad breath next.

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