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Symptoms of ADHD
AD/HD symptoms usually arise in early childhood but can continue throughout adulthood if not properly diagnosed and treated. It is important to note that a child with ADHD can present many symptoms. Some symptoms may first appear to be normal behaviors for a child, but children with ADHD experience these symptoms severely and frequently.  The principal characteristics of Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder are:

  • inattention
  • hyperactivity
  • impulsivity

Children with ADHD may also:

  • be very impatient
  • blurt out inappropriate comments
  • frequently daydream
  • frequently fidget or squirm
  • frequently forget things
  • frequently lose books, supplies or toys
  • frequently run from place to place
  • get distracted easily
  • have trouble controlling their emotions
  • have trouble finishing tasks (homework or chores)
  • have trouble with directions
  • switch too quickly from one activity to the next
  • talk non-stop and interrupt people
  • touch and play with everything they see

Because many normal children may display these symptoms to a less severe degree, the symptoms may be caused by another disorder.  It is important that a child receive a thorough examination and appropriate diagnosis by a well-qualified professional.  To learn more about how to diagnose ADHD, continue reading.

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