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Acne Diagnosis

You may see one of several different types of doctors in order to secure a diagnosis for acne.  Your family doctor, pediatrician, or an internist may be suitable professionals for mild cases of acne. However, one of these doctors may refer you to a dermatologist, a doctor who specializes in skin disorders.  Any one of these doctors will attempt to diagnose and then treat acne problems, as well as reduce the frequency or severity of future acne outbreaks.    

You can prepare for your appointment in advance by recording a list of the acne symptoms, when they appear, the level of severity of each symptom, and what, if any, known causes aggravated the acne. During your appointment with your doctor, you should also describe how you take care of your skin (e.g. the number of washings per day); any cosmetics you use; whether or not you pick at your skin, etc. All of this is important, as your doctor will educate you as to healthy habits for you to take care of your skin.  

Medical exam
When you first visit your doctor for acne, s/he will probably ask you about your family history of acne as well as details about the symptoms.  In addition to this, your doctor will probably conduct a physical examination, so as to examine the skin for acne.  Additionally, your doctor may inquire as to any medications that you are taking that could cause the acne.  No further testing is usually required in order to diagnose acne.    

Although there is no cure available for acne, there are a number of different treatment options available. Most cases of acne are resolvable.  To learn more about treatment options and acne help, read the how to treat acne section that follows.

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