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Zoloft jitteriness in high dosage?

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I noticed when i increased to Zoloft 150MG i became a little more jittery. I am thiking of adding a small dosage of Seroquel at night to help me sleep and eliminate the jitteriness.

I am concerned a little as i have a long flight in a few weeks it will include 2 connecting flights. As a result, if i get too jittery or panic than i will have to take Klonopin .25 as emergency.
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replied October 3rd, 2009
Hey there.
i am currently taking 100mg of zoloft,
im 15 years old.

i had the same problem, to the extent i couldnt sleep at all.

my doctor prescribed some sedatives to take before i went to sleep,
and i found them really relaxing, and i slept like a baby Smile

is valium an option?

talk to you local g.p and consider your options.
hope this helped.
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