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80 yrs, Parkinson's, something is choking me when I cough.

hello , thanks for reading
I have a strange case. I am 80 years
I suffer from Parkinson's disease
And recently I feel something come down from my head to my throat & i did not care
but after a while ... this thing is choking me whenever I cough because it is stuck in my shins aerobic
the doctors in my country have little experience in this cases
so .. I hope that you advise me
I'm waiting for your response eagerly.

Thanks again
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replied February 13th, 2014
Extremely eHealthy

I am not a doctor.
I have known a few people with Parkinson's disease but I have not heard of the symptom you describe associated with the disease.

One of my acquaintances who has the disease is in his early 70's and he has for some time used a spray of artificial saliva because he no longer produces enough for intelligible speech, chewing food or lubricating his mouth and throat.

If the throat and the back of the mouth is too dry it can become inflamed and sore and produce a choking sensation when swallowing or coughing. I experience this myself sometimes when I sleep with an open mouth the soft part at the back of my mouth or the top of the throat is swollen to the extent I struggle to swallow for an hour after waking.

I am sorry but that is all I can think of that might cause your symptom, though it is possible, I suppose, the thing that came down from your head originated in the far reaches your nasal cavity where there are mucus membranes that can also become very swollen or even develop large polyps or growths.

Good luck!
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