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51 yrs old, menopausal and disgusted!

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When I turned 46, I kinda knew I was going through menopause. So, after 20 yrs I sought out a Dr and he listened to my symptoms and gave me PROZAK...I thought that was weird but I took them and after 3 months, I went back and told him I didn't want them anymore and he pretty much told me that was all he could do. So...I went to another Dr and he gave me Percocets. Again, I didn't question him because after all, he is the Dr. Then after talking to people I realize that these Drs. really don't give a crap. I went through narcotics w/d's. Terrible, terrible thing. SO...I decided I was done and would treat myself. I did a ton of research and bought vitamins for menopause and energy and took them for 3 years. Guess what? That hasn't done it either! I am at my wits end. I don't trust Dr's. If you do not have insurance you are treated badly and if you do they over treat. I just really need a good Dr that cares about what is happening to me. I have no energy. I have always been very active and strong physically and mentally. Now I know that after 50 things start happening but the extreme? I can deal with not being AS active but it is an effort to even pull a frying pan out of the cabinet..or feed my fish..or do dishes. It's CRAZY! I am so desperate right now. Anyone else have these problems? How do you know when you have a good Dr? I can't stand this anymore.
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replied October 4th, 2011
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Hi treasures4u1 and welcome to ehealth:..You really don't want drugs unless you need them as often they put you in la la land...Have you talked to your OB-GYN about some hormones?...This is what many of us have taken...Check it out and hopefully this will help...One more thing, try to keep busy....Get outside and enjoy life...I know that it can be a bummer, but hopefully you will feel better soon...Take care...

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