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14yrs old. Am I pregnant?

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I am 14 and possibly pregnant. I haven't had my period for a month and 3 days! I've had daily low stomach pains like pressure and dull kind of pointy pain, brown spotting, pink spotting, and bright red spotting, I also have a craving for garlic knots, subs, and apple juice, I have lower backpain, terrible headaches, a BBT of about 98.6 which is a slightly high for me my average was usually 97.2, I've had chest pain, tender breast hear and there, My areaolas are a lil bit darker according to my boyfriend, veins look a tad more bluer in breast, legs and joints hurt more than usual (especially legs), I tend to feel like I'm going to vomit to certain smells, and get motion sickness now . I took two pregnancy test one two weeks after unprotected sex and the one April 5 they both came out negative :/ but I feel pregnant gained about 1.5lbs. But maybe it's just all in my head?? I guess? And I forgot to mention if I am pregnant I'll be 5 weeks tomorrow
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replied April 9th, 2012
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go to the doctor its quite often that you can get false negative test , the doctor can give you an ultrasound to dee how far you are & a blood test to be sure as well good luck ....
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