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3yrs ago she heard a loud ringing and suddenly fainted

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i have a friend, i actually just met her about two weeks ago, and she came to me to ask for help. she is 22 yrs old is getting her GED and doesnt drive. actually she doesnt do anything by her self. she is afraid to be alone at home, she can only last about 5-10 seconds alone and she freaks out and needs to go some where else of course someone has to be with her. her daily routine, after school she goes to her cousins house 12pm-3pm and then comes home because her family is home thereforeshe wont be alone.

she says this has been occurring for 3yrs. and is only getting worse. she mentioned something that caught my attention which was that exactly 3yrs ago, she heard a really loud ring on the right side of her ear, and need air to breathe, she went outside and suddenly fainted. she hasnt heard the ring anymore but ever sense she gets tons of headaches, feels a sting or persure on her frontal lobe area. she actually does have a scar for her brother hit her with a rock when she was little.

i am concered for he health. if you could help me with any information that we should know i would appreciae it.

thank you
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