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16 yr old with pain in chest

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Hi guys... I just want to have some suggestions, opinions or help (I'm sorry for my English but I'll try to be clear)

I have a best friend (a 16 years old girl) who often feels pain in her chest. She know to herself that she must go see a doctor. The problem is, she refuses to have a check up... When I asked her, what does she feel when there is pain, she told me its like there's a hand holding her heart and squeezes it *ouch that hurts... also this pain regularly occurs when she laughs hard, run or do some exercises and sometime when she is stressed,sad or depressed... I don't know exactly how to call her pain, but as I research about heart diseases and I guess that she have Angina cos she shows some symptoms of it. In this past three days(this sunday monday and tuesday night) , she consecutively have chest pains, particularly three times and it really made me worried. This occurred while I'm talking with her at skype, we are talking some serious topic and watched a drama movie , and I think this affected her emotional status and I'm feeling guilty cos I talked with her about those topics... I tried to persuade her to tell to her parents about her chest pains but then, she won't...i asked her why she replied "I don't want others to worry about me" "I just want to live a normal life and not treated special just because I'm sick" I'm afraid to to the medicines, I have a trauma in the hospital, I don't like doctors cos they might do many things to me, and I must avoid many things like foods and activities" " I'm afraid to know what sickness I have, specially if they say that my life is in danger Sad " I've decided to not to mention it to others, but deep inside me I want to shout it so that her parent would know about... and just last night, talking with her, she told me can we stop talking cos she can't take the pain anymore, she felt that her heart stopped from beating and hurts... So I told her to let someone know, she refused again, so i just let her rest praying that she'll be fine... But me, I want to call to her house just to tell her parents but its already 3am and she told me not to tell them... after that she got well but this afternoon they go to the mall and walk making her tired, very very tired that she's about to collapse but she endured it again... Sad( she is always pushing her body to its limit... and its really a bad thing for her health... so she got curious and research about health and i hope it changed her mind... but for now she is resting... really hope she gets well...

so here are some of my questions in mind:
~What must I do as best friend and a true friend for her? We consider each other as true and best friends so I want to do what i can and must for her...
~If I will tell her status to her parents, it will affect her emotions cos I told them, and it may cause her heart to have pain again... must I tell them?
~I have to choices now, #1 is to tell the parents asap cos they may help her better than me (if I do this she may hate me or think that she don't have anyone to trust to cos I've told other and it cause again a chest pain, and she will think about it the whole time making her stressed which is bad), #2 is to keep it and make her happy and wait until I persuade her (but this is gonna be hard cos she really is a had headed friend ^^ and if I wait, it may take long until its too late... but!!! I DON'T WANT TO JUST SIT BACK AND WATCH HER ENDURE ALL THE PAIN... so far I've decided to tell it to her parents but I don't know if it right...

so can you give me some suggestions, opinions or help.... I will do anything, ANYTHING even if she'll hate me for what will I do as long as she can live long, as a TRUE NORMAL GIRL ^^

i may have written a novel but please understand... i wrote it summarized already Very Happy
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replied July 7th, 2010
Tell her parents
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