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5 yr old complaining about pains in his penis

My 5 yr old son has been complaining about pains in his penis for about six months, I have taken him to a Specialist, local G.P. and Hospital with no answer, it has got to the stage now where he is punching himself around that area and begging me to make the pain stop, he has also said to me that he wants to chop it off, this shows the extent of the pain, also these pains are becoming longer and more frequent. I am now at my wits end with worry as nobody seems to know what it is or how to help, does anybody know what it is or can anybody help, he has had scans and I have paid around 2k for private help and yet no answer, so I do not know where to turn for help, if anybody can assist I would be eternally grateful. Regards worried and anguished parent.
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replied May 12th, 2011
Especially eHealthy

I assume that he has had the usual work-up, including such thing as urinalysis, kidney ultrasound, abdominal & pelvic ultrasound, possibly an abdominal & pelvic CT scan, lab tests; and, of course, a thorough examination.

If everything has been done and all the tests are negative, then you have to consider the possibility that it is psychological. Not saying that it is, just a possibility. You might want to speak with a psycological counselor.

This sounds like a difficult situation. Good luck.
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replied May 9th, 2012
my son used to complain of pain when hard, but i knew it had to do with his circumcision healing too high up on the base of the head. took him back to dr. who did circumcision and he pushed the skin back down. after healing (for the second time) there was no longer pain. He was also 2ys at the time. 3.5yrs now and no complaints since.
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