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78 yo, suffering from anorexia or some other complaint?

Loss of desire to eat. I am a 85% vegan. I am 78 years of age. I assisted my wife during the 16 years of her suffering from Lou Gehrigs disease; she died 3 years ago. Obviously I eat to stay alive!! I have lost 23 chilo in weight i.e.: 51 lbs. According to my scales I have lost all this weight.

I will eat milk chocolate and ice cream, not very often because I am diabetic.
More information that may be useful; I live by myself, Food represents displeasure and I no longer like the taste. Strange as it may seem I often want to vomit but there is nothing to vomit. Often suffering diarea but nothing there. I told my GP about my weight loss etc. and he told me that I am lucky as he has many patients who are dieting trying to loose weight. My pathologies are: Adena Carcinoma Gleason stage 3....7. Diabetes, Weak heart, and very poor lower leg circulation. My blood tests are okay. Do not eat meat, fish, cheese, eggs, milk, bread, pasta, corgettes. Like milk chocolate and rarely a specialised icecream. What can I do for myself and have I really got an eating disorder or a neurological disorder?
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