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Yellowish stool and upset stomach

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For about 2 1/2 months now my stool has been kind of strange as it stays kind of a very light brown/yellowish color with somtimes having mucas off and on in it and it looks really fuzzy if that makes since. The only other symptoms are my stomach kind of feels upset sometimes through out the day but not bad and my lower back has been hurting off and on. My Dr. sent me to do an ultrasound on my gallbladder but nothing showed up and my bloodwork was fine and that was about month 1/2 ago. He never did get a stool sample or anything? There is really not much pain and I probably could live with it but I don't want to damage anyting. Does it sound like the gallbladder or any ideas? Thanks for any help. BTW I am a 25/male.
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replied June 10th, 2009
hello are yo stressed at the moment as when i suffered this complaint i ws diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome..IT was the slight stomach and back complaint made me get it checked and i was prescribed mebevarine which is a word for (colifac)
I would advise you have stool sample tested by gastroenterologist.
A good high fibre diet works too. hope this helps you
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replied January 16th, 2011
This can be caused from a gallbladder problem! Go to your dr and request a HIDA scan. I had the same symptoms, Im 28/f and had a flawless ultrasound. Im having my gallbladder taken out next week. If your dr wont help find one that will. Dont suffer with this.
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