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Yellow eyes

Hi there I need somne advice my son is 2 and has a yellow tinge to the whites of his eyes. It is extremley faint and my doctor has said he cannot notice it. I can see why he said this, but in certain light it is there mostly in the outer corners. Should I be worried??
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replied February 5th, 2011
i have a sister who has a blood disorder known as hereditary spherocytosis, which is blood cells shaped like spheres. Anyways, this blood disorder typically can cause jaundice, which is why the part that should be white in my sisters eyes, are yellow. If the doctor cant notice it, i wouldnt worry about anything. But if you are concerened about it they can always run tests to make sure everything is alright. Also, you can go on google, and look up different things that could cause the whites of his eyes to be yellow. Although it is probably nothing, its nice to just check up on everything. Smile
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