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Yeast Infections and Natural Remedies

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I've posted a question recently but no one has answered yet. So I'm going to provide more information. I think I've been suffering from a yeast infection for about a month now. Around Oct. 3 I started having the abnormal discharge and burning sensation in my vagina when I Pee. However, October 12 I got my period and the burning sensation went away and obviously I couldn't tell whether there was still abnormal discharge until after it went off. I did read that menstruation helps pass bacteria out of the vagina(don't really know if that's accurate). Anyway, after my period went off, I began to have full force itching in my vagina and on the outside, but no more burning sensation when i pee. The discharge had no odor and was white. Now it has an odor and is more yellowish. I need help with figuring this out. I was certain that this might be a yeast infection, but I don't know anymore. It might be Bacterial Vaginosis or Trich from what I been reading. The symptoms are pretty much the same for all 3. It is easy to say go to the doctor, but I don't have insurance so I don't know what to do.

I tried using an antifungal cream but that made my itching worse and my vulva swelled. So I didn't even use it the full 7 days. I've tried the sitz bath with vinegar and salt. That helps temporarily. I've been taking acidophilus pills which has been helping alot with the itching, but still have it a little. I'm thinking of trying garlic vitamins and tea tree oil. I'm also going to buy some plain yogurt. I just want to know does anyone have any other suggestions regarding natural remedies. Thanks!
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replied November 2nd, 2009
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I tried all sorts of things to clear mine up but it didnt go..i think you need to buy the over the counter medicine for it hun...Jenny
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replied November 5th, 2009

I think you have severe vaginal infection or urinary infection so, it is better to avoid hot things like coffee or tea jut have chill food and have fruit juices and more consumption of water as, it happens that all the infection passes away through urine.

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