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Yeast infection, white bump?

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A couple of weeks ago I went to my doctor to have a PAP test. My doctor told me it looked like I had a yeast infection. Well about a week later, when I had enough money I bought and used Monistat 1-Day. A few days later my doctor called and told me that my test came back normal. A couple more days later and I noticed that I have one circle/oval shaped, slightly raised bump on the inside of my vagina/labia. Is this just from my yeast infection, or should I go to the doctor again even though my test came back normal?
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replied March 11th, 2011
Hi BbFergie,
yeah you should probably go to the doctor again. that could be a bacterial infections or anything. just to be safe. I use to have them, but i also use to suffer with really bad yeast infections too though. so i think thats where they came from. when i went to a homeopathic doctor she recommended i start taking probiotics to balance the yeast and bacteria levels in my body which could cause all kinds of problems. but my main concern was the wet discharge and smell. so im on these probiotics called yefense that has bn a blessing. i havnt had a flare up on over 2 years. i hope this helps.
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