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Yeast infection on penis

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For about 2 years now ive noticed I've had a yeast infection around the rim of the head of my penis, i went to the doctors and they gave me some cream and I've been though 2 tubes of it and hasnt helped, it still remains. The doctor also noticed i had discharge, i have been sexually active but i have STD tests every few weeks and im all clear. I also should note that i wash it daily once in morning and once at night.

So im wondering what i can do i have 3 different things wrong.

white spots (Yeast infection im guessing)
and glands (very small)

any help or suggestions? thanks
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First Helper Vinci_89

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replied January 5th, 2009
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What kind of penile discharge you have (color, consistency)?
When you say glands you think about tiny bumps, flesh-colored or a little lighter with a smooth dome shape, that ring the rim of your penis head?
Do you find the white spots as itchy and sore patches?
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replied January 9th, 2009
alot like my story. but mine does not have discharge. here is my story below., still confuse and worry about my comdition. its been 5-6 weeks now.

about a month ago i was overseas and had sex with this prostitute , it was protected. i was also given a handjob unprotected.

3 days later , i was back home and had unprotected sex with my girlfriend.

a week later , my girlfriend went to her gynae and found out that she has candida. the doctor mentioned that heavy yogurt like discharge was all over her vagina.

both of us took a diflucan pill and did a blood test for hiv , herpes 1,2 , clamydia

the next day i discovered i had little bumps like 1 hundred of them on my penis head , in a straight line circulating the corona(the ring below the dickhead). it is 1/2 a round on the top. they do not hurt and did not seems to grow . its been 4 weeks since it grew on my penis.

i went back to the doctor, which is my gf's gynae. she took a look on my penis and she said it was nothing significant and it looked like my penis is dry due to excessive washing. she advised vitamin E or lotion and it will go off by itself.

the blood test came back all negative

i have been applying vaseline for 3 days now , and there is no results.

can anyone rule out some disease that i might have. and suggest me some self test or tell me what i might have. appreciate and thanks to all doctors providing these services.
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replied April 19th, 2009
the color
Sorry for the late reply been busy, the condition is still there and ive seen some doctor at the hospital and gives me the exact same stuff...which aint working

The discharge is like a whitish see though like sperm but alot less white if you get that lol

The glands are skin colourd they dont itch and there everywhere they dont seem to bother anyone even the doctors and even when i told them.

and yes the white spots are around the ring of the head they are getting alot smaller but are still their, and latley ive been having problems...getting it up ive set an appointment to see about that might be connected.
thanks for the any help.
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replied November 29th, 2011
6 months ago my penis started to itch.At the side of the head on the shaft it gives no s/s (signs or symptoms) at all but everyday I've been totally bothered by it. The itchiness was so intense that I'd almost lost breath while scratching.(I'm sure you know what I am talking about).It started last April 2011, as a medical person I thought it's just a common jock itch.So i tried Ketoconazole cream, but it does not make any difference trying for 2 months. Then when I went to Europe last August the itchiness gets worsen and accompanied by scaly flakes on skin and bump appeared (because of inflamed skin due to friction) but no blister,pus or whatever.I thought the fungi became resistance so I tried Clotrimazole cream. It does make a difference and the itchiness gone for 3 days but after that It went back. So I've tried to search on the internet what is wrong with my penis. There's a lot of forum where in an itchiness like that may be associated with STD and Yeast infection, since I am virgin I exempt STD. Then probably Yeast, I don't want to go the Hospital because I have not enough money since I just graduated from college (21 y/o) and don't want to bother my parents!Practically that's a lil bit embarrassing!

Here's the climax, to cut the story short.I've been praying to God what's happening to me. Not until I searched for Home remedy on Yeast infection---it's on your kitchens.... common household VINEGAR!!!! I applied it on the affected site with cotton morning and night!Also on the surroundings..the first reaction of your skin is it will turned white (affected site).Just stand the oozzy feeling at first!

Btw, since I am circumcised. I do not know how would the vinegar reacts on your penis (uncircumcised) especially the membrane behind the foreskin!

Note: Avoid having direct contact on your urethra (opening of Penis) for it may irritate you membrane.

Let it air dried and let it stayed over night..After 3 days the skin will turned black (affected site) and eventually it will slough off after continuous application for 4 days- or one week . Continue the vinegar application until no s/s (itchiness) is present!And eat also yogurt everyday, for it does contain live-lacto bacillus (good bacteria) that will fight against unwanted microorganism on your body, especially Yeast a.k.a Candida Albicans!

Wear also loose clothing. Change your boxer regularly! No side A or side B..Smile

Note:If the s/s worsen with Vinegar application. Discontinue and better seek Medical/Hospital attention.

Thank God now I have no more itchiness !amen!

God bless everyone!Hope it will help you out as well!

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replied February 13th, 2013
thank you
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