glance I had intercourse with my partner and the condom broke. He got another one when he felt it pop. A day later i already felt strange. I noticed my vagina getting overheated. I took a shower then used a mirror to check my vagina & i had a grip of yeast. I started to wipe it away to take a look again and it was just as much growing back. Then I realized it was light green and yellow in color. The doctor told me i had a bad yeast infection. He gave me Fluconazole (DIFLUCAN) 150 mg Oral Tab 5/27/2012 metroNIDAZOLE (METROGEL) 0.75 % Vagl Gel to insert a tube of gel in my vagina for 5 days. The infections have gone away now.

My partner just called me about what i had and i told him again. I was tested for all std's and that is what i had. He stated he is starting to notice a slight discoloration on his penis and he think candida is contagious. Since is not circumcised, he is now scared and thinks he has the yeast-fungus infection too. I called the nurse and she said men can get it and not have symptoms.

Could he have already had a yeast infection? Could I have been getting one when we had sex and when the condom broke it made it worse? I am trying to think how this happened? He is the only man I have slept with in the past few months. If he has something other than simple yeast infection should i get more blood work done?
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replied June 21st, 2012
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It is very unlikely (but possible) that he will get a yeast infection from you. But yeast will not affect the color of his penis. As the nurse said, there are often no symptoms in a man.

He should be treated for the same STD you were diagnosed with.

Take care.
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