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2 years without clear diagnosis.Can’t swallow, neck and head p

Age: 26

Sex: Male

Height: 5'9 / 175 cm

Weight: 132 lbs / 60 kg

Duration of complaint: ~ 2 years

Hello. Already big thank you for attention and for reading all this Smile

So my situation looks like this...

Last 2 years I was going to different doctors without any results.

At the moment, most doctors suggest that I have a TMJ.

2 years ago, I started experiencing some coughing and wheezing in the throat. Later, I got a stuffy nose. Approximately for 1 year I was diagnosed and treated for different illness from different doctors. Some said that I had had sinusitis, some allergies and etc. In that time span, I got one more new symptom - it became a bit difficult to eat/swallow. Over time, this symptom progressed and become more significant.

At the current time (2 years from my first doctor appointment) I can only eat liquid food and even that only in the morning. Often after sleep, the first 30-60 minutes I feel a little bit better and can drink/eat liquid food relatively easily. Then throughout the day, the situation becomes worse. Sometimes it becomes so hard to swallow that I can't even drink water.

Also all described time I had a headache and neck pain that progress over the day too. However, I'm not sure if that matters. Because many years ago I was diagnosed with osteochondrosis + without normal food ration and even substantial ability to drink water it could cause all the headache. + MRI of the brain shows that everything more or less fine (or at least that what doctors said).

Here photos and digital version of my med examinations (MRI of the brain, CT of jaw/sinuses/throat, TC of the jaw) inations--AehZvZszAaYZE3PCYqiVlbrGAQ-zRutI JZHRkfYHgIFdgCVG
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