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50 years to diagnose Gall Stones

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I couldn't help posting even though I'm scheduled to have the GB removed by a General Surgeon and the Stones in the bile duct by a GI. I'm 60 and have had symptoms since childhood; bloating, gas-locks, The D, The C, etc. But for 22 years I've had these very very severe attacks of pain (in the area above navel) accompanied by Nausea. So, Year later, went to GI, who said it was just Irritable Bowel. So, I simply lived with the 2 or 3 Attacks a year which lasted over a 3 day period for 22 years. Then this April 2011 the attacks increased to 2-3 a week! ER visit doctor ordered CT SCAN (was clear) and diagnosed "Abdominal Spasms." Since I only weigh 100 pounds Now (due to neighbor bullying for years had to leave My condo & been living in Hotel & too ill to do the moving/selling process as I have a whole bunch of other health issues but this one is the most Life interferring) I decided to go to White Castle 2-3 times a week to try and gain weight/strengh as I feel to weak to do the moving process, and in general to take care of Myself. And that's when the Attacks notched up. Now, eating a little better (but this food doesn't add weight) and taking Miralax - so, only about 1 Attack a week now. But strongly felt that this was Not just Irritable Bowel and went to a different GI and he diagnosed Gall Stones. Sure enough, the Ultrasound showed "Lots" of them and in the Bile Duct also. Wow! I couldn't believe it took so many doctors over 50 years to diagnose Gall Stones! Think I had Stones as child b/c Fried Eggs/Bacon Breakfast made Me Nauseous. So, I'm scheduled to have the 2 doctors perform the surgery in the next couple of weeks. But after reading all of the posts - it seems I only have a 50/50 chance of getting relief. Sadly, if this were My only problem, I'd probably live with it, but I'm disabled and have so Many, Many other pains and discomforts - that the thought of ridding Myself of JUST one of them - would keep My spirits up. Thanks, for reading. Question
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replied January 31st, 2013
My own family doctor was clueless as to what was causing my pain and discomfort! For at least 20+ years I suffered with my diseased gallbladder and I'm almost 48 years old now. I've also been taking stomach medicine, like Donparadone? or Nexium, with no real help from them anyway. Should have saved my money for better more productive drugs hihihi...

GP's in my opinion are just legal drug pusher's, that don't really help anybody, the drugs they push just mask the real problem!!!

Finally after my last severe attack, I went to the emergency! After seeing me, the Dr. sent me for two tests, a C T Scan and an ultrasound. The ultra sound revealed multiple stones and a very inflamed gallbladder...!

Eureka, someone with enough sense figured it all out!
Spent the night in the E.R and they operated first thing in the morning. They removed my gallbladder and all the stones with it.

Three weeks after my surgery, and no more bloating, belching, and most of all, no more pain!!!

I'm eating a low fat, Gluten free diet, and I've never felt better!!!

The only thing now, is my feet and ankles have been swelling up, and I'm not sure why?
Good thing I'm seeing my surgeon in a couple of days. Maybe he'll know what's going on with these Fred Flintstone feet of mine lol.

Man with no Gallbladder
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replied February 8th, 2013
I don't know the rules here as some communities do not allow personal replies to a Responder; so I'll respond generically. I also feel that GPs offer a legal means to obtaining illict drugs - and that the pharmacutical Reps all sitting smartly dressed in the doctor's waiting area are really Legal off-street drug pushers.

I was not as fortunate as it being Holiday season had to wait from mid November until January 4th for my two concurrent surgeries even though my doctor said "You've got lots of stones."

Nothing has changed for me but the exclusion of those horrific attacks. Still get painful Gas Lockups, bloating, bletching and many other digestive issues. And I still cannot tolerate uncooked fruits/vegetables an even cooked still pose problems.

So, I eat only cereal with a little canned fruit, whole milk, and decaf tea, as decaf coffee will definitly make for diarrhea. Then later White Castle or McDonalds which now aggrees with Me followed by a large slice of Entermann's cake much later on.

Sounds like a poor diet - but it's the Best of the worst. Lastly, can't gain weight though, cause if I eat more than that it will only be eliminated. But good news is despite feeling unwell 90% of the time, I'm 61 and still alive, despite a mentally ill neighbor's attempt to wish otherwise. But feeling sick almost every waking moment (for many decades) is Hell. So, I'm definitly not afraid of death. "Dying is easy - it's living that's Hard"

ps swelling of lower extremities is usually a sign of water retention, I believe.
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replied February 8th, 2013
I was eating to much sodium, I cut back and the swelling went away...

Ya life sucks and then you
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