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20 years old HIGH blood pressure

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I am 20 years old, 115lbs about 5'2''. I have been diagnosed with high blood pressure now for about a year. I am currently taking a beta blocker. I had all sorts of tests performed to see if there was an underlying cause for my high blood pressure (kidneys were tested, WBC count, thyroid, heart, etc.) everything came back clear. I went to the DR today and my blood pressure reading was 151/103 the first time and 131/92 the second time. I am an active person but I am currently interviewing at dental schools so I am under an immense amount of stress. Do you think my high blood pressure could be attributed to stress? Or should I switch medications? I already eat extremely healthy and workout so that isn't the problem I don't think. Any help would be great!!
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replied November 19th, 2012
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Really? at the early age you are experiencing high blood? maybe i should go to a doctor. sometimes when i was angry my head is getting hot. and i feel all my bloods are rising up through my head.
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