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14 years old and possibly pregnant

Im fourteen years old and I think Im pregnant. Ive been sexually active for about 6 months. I don't use condoms when I have sex, the guy just pulls out. If I am I know exactly who the father is.. The last time I had sex was about 15 days ago. Ive been really nauseous for about 7-8 days, and was up all night puking the other day. The nausea is on and off through out the day. And also, my nipples are really sensitive, even if I barely touch them through my shirt it hurts. Ive also been really tired... I know these are signs of pregnancy, but I just doubt that I am. Oh, and my next period isn't supposed to come for about 10 more days..

Please, tell me your opinion about this. And tell me what you think I should do.. & I don't want any religious answers saying I shouldn't be having sex or blah blah blah.. I chose to have sex, and Im fully ready to take the responsibility for my actions. I refuse to be ashamed of being a teen mom [if I am]. Oh, and should I stop smoking cigarettes, just in case? I already quit smoking weed, for my own good.

AND ID APPRECIATE IT IF PEOPLE WOULD STOP ANWSERING MY QUESTION JUST TO SAY IM A prostitute. beacause i am not a prostitute, at all. so stop judgin me, please.

Additional Details
The past three days Ive had cramps. For the first two days the cramps were just slight ones in my side. I thought that was normal and it barely bothered me.. But last night I started getting SEVERE cramps, they were so severe they made me cry and kept me from sleeping. Tylenol doesnt even help at all.. I still have these cramps and they hurt so bad.. Im hopefully going to go to the doctor today to see whats wrong..

Can a bloodtest detect pregnancy before you miss your period? & also, do you think I should be worried about these severe cramps? are they normal for early pregnancy?
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replied September 11th, 2009
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first off, if you were responsible enough to have sex, you would have gotten yourself on birth control and gotten condoms to prevent a pregnancy from happening, instead of just pulling out, which is not an effective method of safe sex.
if you are pregnant, smoking while pregnant is not a smart thing to do, because you would be depleting the fetus of oxygen and nurtients.

Also, having multiple sex partners unprotected is not a good or responsible thing either, because you could end up getting an STD.

No one here can say if you are pregnant or not, only a doctor and pregnancy test can determine this.
You can wait to see if your period comes or doesnt and then take a pregnancy test or test now. But, make sure you follow a pregnancy tests instructions correctly-use with first morning uring.
and Yes, a blood test is the most accurate way to determine a pregnancy, it all depends on the amount of HGP in your system to determine if you are pregnant sooner, but if you said its been 15 days, i think they could pick it up.

First thing you need to worry about, is how you at 14 will care for this child.
Second, is telling your mother.
You really are not ready to take on all the responsibilities for this action of yours, and i am not saying that to judge you, im saying it because its the truth.
i mean your 14, are not done high school, cant work other than babysitting-which does not bring in alot of money, and i doubt you have thousands upon thousands saved.
you cant afford rent, your own health insurance, your own utilities, car insurance-cant even drive, etc.
you would not be able to afford the medical costs, ultrasound costs, delivery expense on birthing your child, hospital fees etc.
would not be able to afford a stroller, car seat, high chair, crib, toys to help with positive development in children, clothing food etc etc etc.

someone else would be paying for all these things for you, your parents. because they bring in an income, they are responsible for you, they shelter you in a house or appartment, they feed you cloth you etc.

So the first thing to worry about is how to tell them this, if you decide to keep this child if you are infact pregnant.

Honestly, i am not saying these things to judge you, this is just the reality that you have to accept here.
You are not obligated to keep this child either, you do have options.
You could have an open adoption, where you would recieve updates, photos, and get to choose how involved in that child's life you are with the adoptive parents.
And this could be a wonderful thing for you to do-giving a loving couple the best gift of all, a child to love and raise and protect and give everything and more to.
This could be a really good thing for you too, because your life would not end at 14 years of age.
I mean you are still at such a young age, have so much more to learn, experience and see. a child would put an end to all possiblilities of you succeeding to the fullest in life.

And again, i do not say these things to judge you, this is the reality that you would have to deal with.
You saw a doctor today -or yesterday, so you probably will get your results soon.
But if you mentioned the fact that you could be pregnant to him or her, you should ask what your options are, and how risky it is to have a baby at 14.
because there is a risk too.
That doctor might be able to suggest something to you, or help you break the news to your parents as well.
After all, you are a minor, so anything major that is found on a blood test, i am assuming he or she would bring to your parents attention, so maybe call that doctor back and see if he or she can help you tell your parents first.

If you need to talk, PM me anytime hun.
But really think about what i said.
Again, i do not say these things to judge you, this is the reality. and you need to hear the truth.
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replied September 27th, 2009
I am 14, and 5 months pregnant with twin girls. I just want you to know that whatever i say here is not meant to criticize you, just to tell you my opinion.

I am pregnant because i got raped at a party by my best friend's brother's friend. I would not have choosen to have sex with my boyfriend of a year for at least another 2 years, and we will not have sex for at least another 2 years.

I personally would recomend you go through what i am going through right now, which is I have found a family willing to go through with an open adoption. the family adopting my girls have agreed to let me name them, visit them, get pictures, everything. They have said i can see them the day before there birthday, and will be included in birthday celebrations. We will all take them to their first day of school (I will say i am their older sister, so they dont get judged). They will know me as mom as well. I can spend time with them, babysit, buy them clothes when i can afford it, and stuff like that.

I was training to hopefully be on the olympic gymnastics team for 2012. That dream will never happen because of what happened to me.

If you keep the child, then know there are alot of roadblocks along the way. My older sister was pregnant at 16 (shes 21 now) and she kept the baby. Know that some churches will provide daycare if you work in the daycare center after school. thats what my sister did.

I wish you good luck, and although we have differing ideas on the whole sex thing, i hope you have good luck with your baby.
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