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I am a 19 year old girl who has had terrible trouble concerning water infections for the past 2 years!

i have had one operation due to this trying to find a source of trouble but nothing was found
over the past 2 years i have had a total of 10 antibiotics which have always made the condition worse after i have finished the course

the water infections will now not even last a day or so they will usually occur after sex (which is taking a huge strain on myself and my partner) when i have been drinking alcohol or when i am worried/stressed which has made them more common and i am dreading going to university becuase people will think i am boring

i am tired of doctors sending me away with more pills which make me worse and i feel i am doing nothing but taking paracetamol and ibuprophine every day its really taking its toll

i have also found that i have put on weight and i gain it very suddenly over a period of time and over the past 2 months i have put on nearly 3/4 of a stone

please help i am struggling to come to terms with the fact my life is surrounded by this horrible infections i am sruggling to maintain a healthy relationship with my partner along with keeping up with my friends

please please please help!!!
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replied September 1st, 2009
OMG Lauren.... I no how you feel. I am also 19, My water infections have been going on since 2005! Every 2 to 8 weeks apart! I went to London the weekend just gone and spent sunday mornin in a hospital with a servre water infection in which the one before was 3 weeks ago! I am worried sick it will effect later life for me and I am so self consious I also suffer with more problems in that region! I have been on so many anti's I hve lost count! I have to wait until Monday next week to go to doctors but they tent to fob u off! Wot operation did u have? Please feel free to write me.
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replied September 6th, 2009
im so glad (well you know not glad becuase it is the most awful pain! and im sorry you have the same pain!)
that someone out there knows how i feel! i am really struggling with day to day life and the smallest things are starting to trigger it - my parents are going through seperation at the moment which has made them worse
what triggers them off for you?
i have never been to hospital becuase of them but sometimes i really think that i should visit them as the pain gets so bad

ive come up with if i feel a tingle i take 3 paracetamol with caffine and 2 ibuprofine along with a sachet of cystitus relief
that usually stops it for part of the day but im suffering night times

my operation was exploritary for endemetriosis (i think thats how you spell it) becuase the pains and opther symptoms i was experiancing such as severe period pains before i went on the pill
but they found i had a heart shaped womb which they couldnt link to the water infections

have you asked your mother or grandmother on your mum or dads side of the family if they suffered from repeat water infections? my mum and grandmother did apparently when they were younger and they said it diddnt go away untill they had children!!

i want to go back to the doctors again as this is driving me mad im going to university in 2 weeks and i dont want to seem boring with my condition!!!

thank yoiu for getting in touch!
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replied September 6th, 2009
Hiya hun, My Gran on my mum's side of the family had them, but not that often! I cant have a sex life either! I also suffer with incontinence aswell!! I have a doctors appointment tomorrow and I am not leaving until I get and answer! I was told it is drinkin caffiene and smoking, but if tht is the case y doesnt every1 I no have them!!?? I'm pleased I have someone to talk about it wiv! I was 16 when my parents split, my dad just got married on Friday! But I am happy with it all! I start college on Tuesday and my job isnt somethin I can do wen I have water infections as it involves long hours mainly outside and wiv incontinence I dont want to b smellin!! Wiv water infections, if u take anti biotics often then please also be aware of Thrush!! It is painful and very uncomfortable! Jade. xx
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replied September 6th, 2009
i dont suffer with incontinence but i feel liek its going to get that way i think!
yeah i have a lot of time off work and i had time off school when i was studying!
i think im going to go to the doctors again and ask them whether its worth them trying anything new

yeah ive had that a few times its really horrid!!!!
im never going on antibiotics again due to this they cure it during the course the minute its over it comes back 100 worse!
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