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15 years of sinus congestion/infections due to allergies?

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I am a chronic sinus sufferer. Pain, congestion, green mucus etc. Always have black bags under my eyes. Started in my early twenties and got progressively worse. Basically I wake up each morning congested and & sore in my sinuses (sometimes throat and ears also). I spend the morning sneezing and blowing my nose. This also occurs if I have a nap in the afternoon.

I have been able to link some of the issues to food, such as diary and gluten, which I am currently working with my naturopath on. I have also noticed the link between my gut and my sinuses in that if I look after my gut, my sinuses feel better. I am on a low food allergy diet which is helping, but not fixing the issue. I have had all the tests under the sun, MRI, allergy skin prick testing for a plethora of items, lactose intolerance etc but all these were negative. The allergy specialist could not find anything environmental and put it down to food. But I have since found out that it is not just food as I am still getting sick. This leaves me back at environmental. Very confused and frustrated!
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