I need advice. I can't seem to let her go. We have two kids and I love her but she keeps doing this over and over. Overall she has left me 10 times and always comes back I've also proposed to her 3 times and she's said yes but then she says no! I've done a lot for us. I'm the one who searches for help. I've seen a councillors and she never has she refuses to. I hate loosing my family what should I do. There's way more to the story but this is how I will start.
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replied November 8th, 2012
Extremely eHealthy
I am sorry to say I must advise you to change the locks if she leaves again and don't allow her to come back...

You have children and your first duty is to them. A woman who keeps leaving is such a poor role model for them.
You, who seem to have no dignity and self respect in order to allow her to come back is also a poor role model for your children and your combined efforts could result in similar behaviour and attitudes from them throughout their lives, robbing them of stability and happiness...

It is called serial behaviour and children often behave in adulthood with the bad or destructive habits of their their parents!

If you want your life and theirs to be like the film "Groundhog Day" then you need do nothing but continue with your selfish and blinkered attitude...
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