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3 years and counting. extreme bloating and abdominal pain!

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I really don't know if anyone will reply or be able to help me but I'm kind of at my last resort. I've had extreme bloating and abdominal pain for about 3 years, usually accompanied with period of feeling a "full" feeling and sometimes a kind of nausea and abdominal cramping. These symptoms can range from 1 hour a day to 6 hours a day. When I wake up there are extremely loud rumblings and what feels like wind or pressure moving in my stomach. I have had, until I started taking fiber, very little flatulence and have always had very consistent stools.

I have been diagnosed with EVERYTHING: a stomach ulcer (I took Losec for a year), Gasteroperasis (I took Domperidone for the other two), gluten intolerance (I removed gluten from my diet for 2 months), lactose intolerance (did the same with lactose). I have had a gastroscopy and a pill-cam endoscopy, an ultra-sound, stool tests (x4), blood tests (x14), acupuncture, kept food diaries and various other things. Nothing has been shown as a cause or diagnosis. I have been investigated for dis-biosis and took some anti-bacterial natural drops for 3 months which were meant to kill any unwanted bacteria/candida etc etc. Designed to kill parasites

Recently, a new gastric specialist (the 5th one I've been to) said he finally had a diagnosis. He told me I had IBS. I really don't understand this diagnosis. My bowel movements are completely normal and this feels like a mechanical issue. Like something is broken and not like I have a "strengthened neurological link" or that I "process things in my stomach." I'm no doctor, and I HAVE been tested for so many things, but this diagnosis is a kind of Roman Diagnosis; bought about by simply ruling out everything else. I find it hard to accept that I have a condition, the cause of which is unknown, which is lifelong.

Do my symptoms sound like IBS?
How do I manage this?
Given the things I've been tested for, is there anything else it could be?

Need hope.
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replied May 5th, 2012
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The Irritable bowel syndrome is a common intestinal condition. The Irritable bowel syndrome is characterized by gassiness; bloating; abdominal cramps; extremes of bowel movements like constipation or diarrhea. There is no known cure for Irritable bowel syndrome.

The combination of the Alcat test and expertise can given you just the answers you are looking for and a plan of action to get my IBS symptoms under control. Gluten Sensitivity has several levels of severity, and unfortunately many cases are never diagnosed.
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