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21+ year survivor of PC Now with rising PSA

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I will
be a 22 year survivor next June, but need to make some decisions now and could
use some good suggestions, or input.
I was 56 when I was Dxed. with PC and now am 78 in good health, except for
erections, normal aches and pains, and living knowing that it is still there and
I've had friends die of PC, and this is not the way I want to go. Heart attack
would be my preference but I will have to leave that to God almighty.
My PC was Dxed 1990, with RP in June of 90
I had Radical Prostatectomy June 26, 1990
My Gleason score in 1990 was different than now, and was listed as 2+3=5 with
extensive perineural invasion. Also listed as stage C, T3
After the RP, I was tracked by my oncologist for 10 years with PSA still
undetectable. He released me and said he didn't think it would ever return.
On the 12th year my PSA test was 0.1, PSA gradually elevated to at the 15th
year check it was 0.6.
I checked back with my surgeon, who sent me back to my oncologist. At this
time I was told I should have salvage radiation treatment.
The 42 treatments was done with a newly installed trillogy machine at OSF St.
Francis Medical Center, Peoria, Illinois, near where I live.
Radiation Treatment for return of PC started on 10-19-05. I took 42 treatments
at OSF, using the Trilogy machine. Treatments ended on 12-13-05
PSA dropped to 0.1 after treatment, but now is up to a 2.9 as checked 11-8-11.
I will see my oncologist Dr. Vukov next Wed. I intend to ask for some form of
treatment be initiated. Six months ago PSA was 2.3 and Dr. Vukov thought I
should wait another 6 months and see how much the PSA jumped.
I am looking for information on what course of treatment I should be looking
As of last year, no metastasis could be found anywhere in my body.
Thanks for any suggestions, posted or to me by mail.
[email protected]
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replied November 21st, 2011
I can tell you this. Even if I am diagnosed with prostate cancer in the future, I WILL NOT be having my prostate removed.
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replied November 21st, 2011
My PSA is low now but I know my prostate is not right. I am going to continue to take mega doses of zinc, selenium and saw palmetto as well as some E. I have erection issues (quasi erection) and orgasms are really inconsistent. Viagra and similar medications don't help. I am going to try a 5-reductase inhibitor and see how that goes after a couple of weeks of being on it. I also take ginkgo. Even though nicotine is supposed to suppress erectile function, it actually helps, as does caffeine.
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replied November 22nd, 2011
Many people get their prostate removed when they do not really need to. As far as I know, it is uncommon to die from prostate cancer.
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