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8 year olds adult teeth not growing in

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My son lost his first top front tooth at age 3 1/2. It just fell out early. A few month later the front tooth next to it came out. Bout a year or so later the teeth on the side of the 2 missing teeth came out too. We had xrays all along and were told that they were there but would probably take a few years to drop down. (The bottom teeth fell out and came back quickly.) For the past couple years the xray shows them right there, but not poking through. At our most recent dental appointment we were told to go to an orthodontist and oral surgeon. We were told that they would probably have to be pulled down with a chain.

My question is will they ever come down on their own? Does it make any sense to wait longer? How will they pull down all 4 at once? The braces would not have anything to attach to? He is 8 years old with ADHD and aspergers and a huge aversion to people in his mouth. He also has a poor appetite and it is difficult to have him eat a lot of days. I am trying to get an idea of what to expect and weigh the pros and cons.
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