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1 year old won't gain weight

My one year old is 17 pounds and the doctor was concerned since based on his previous growth he should weigh at least 19 i know that the reason he stopped putting on weight was because for around two months, he refused to eat..all he wanted to do was bite down on his teething ring (since he had 5 or 6 teeth coming in at the same time) and then once they finally came in, he got sick and would barely even take he is back to eating 3 meals and 3 snacks a day ...but i was wondering if anybody has any ideas as to what i can give him or add to his food in order to up the calories so that he can gain weight a little faster so that he can get back on track? (since the dietician i had an appointment with a week ago was basically no help in that department)
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replied June 18th, 2009
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I wouldn't worry too much since you know that the problem was actually teething and lack of eating and not a developmental disorder. Since he is eating a good diet now, just give him a little time to catch up. Toddler tend to slow down on the weight gain quite a bit since they are so much more active at that point...running around everywhere.

As for diet recommendations, keep him on whole milk (if he isn't allergic) fruit and veggies and plenty of cheese. The protein/fat combination will help him a good deal. Spaghetti with meat/cheese is a toddler favorite and a great all-in-one balanced meal combination. Ravioli as a finger food has always been one of my kids favorites. Keep him on a good balanced diet, and he'll be back up in no time Smile
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