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12 year old with reoccuring rash/ unidentified anaphalaxis

My daughter suffered from anaphalaxis two years ago. We thought it must have been a unknown allergy to antibiotics she had just finished taking for strep. After two full allergy tests the only result was a mild allergy to the antibiotic. She was given epi pens and was fine. She has always been hyper sensitive..i can only use certain detergents or she breaks out same with lotions and deodorants...this fall she started 6th grade and began getting rashes on her first we thought it was just during english but then it started to happen throughout the day and then at home as well. The rash responded relativly well to topical cream then after a couple months it no longer seemed to work. I filled out paperwork to allow the school nurse to give 25 mg of benadryll ifneeded. She would have it sporadically and the med. Worked well. Then about 2 months ago she started having trouble with episodes where she became dizzy, and complained of shortness of breath. Both episodes have been while at rest and both times her 02 sat has dropped to between 88-90. Both times she was rushed to her doctor who was unable to say what it was. After the second episode she was seen by a pediatric cardio doc who said her ekgs were normal. She said it was probably caused by hormones related to her starting her period for the first time. Then today the nurse called she had come in with the rash the nurse administered meds but the rash continued to spread up her forearms to her neck and face. The nurse can onlygive 25mg so i went and gave 25 mg for a total of 50mg at approx 9:30 am. The rash subsided and i brought her home to rest. She slept for about 4 hrs then at 3pm she began to get the rash again. I took her into doc both oxygen and bp were fine. We administered an additional dose of 25mg of benadryll and returned home. The rash was clear untill about 7:30 when it reappeared on her abdomen a additional dose of 50mg per doc was given at about 8pm. She is sleeping now but i amvery concerned. This is almost identical to the previous anaphalactic shock. Im wondering what to do next...if it all could be related etc?? She has always been easy to get sick and im worried any thoights are appreciated!
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replied April 20th, 2014
Extremely eHealthy

I am not an expert.
Your daughter appears to be suffering from an allergic reaction rather than anaphalactic shock; if it was anaphalactic shock it would be an emergency condition that could result in death if the epi pen wasn't used or she failed to reach qualified medical aid in time.

An hysterical element to your daughter's condition should not be ruled out; being dizzy and short of breath is typical of an anxiety attack.
Stress can manifest in the form of physical symptoms, though I am not sure if it can produce a rash. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that it could but I believe it could make an existing rash worse.

Being singled out for special treatment because of allergies can create the conditions for adverse peer pressure or bullying. I advise you not to ignore these possibilities. Kids can be extremely clever at hiding such things from school staff. Your daughter might not even be aware of such adverse conditions or feel that highlighting it might increase the adverse pressure.

I also suggest you examine the janitorial supplies used at the school as it might be something as simple as residual chemicals from surfaces that are the root of the trouble.

When modern medicine fails to find the answer it usually pays to adopt the holistic approach of diet, lifestyle and environment that modern medicine does not include. I suggest you also add state of mind to that list.

It could be a good move to cut all processed fats and sugars from her diet and prepare every meal from scratch using only fresh, preferably organic, foods. Once she has been on a more natural diet for a while treats and things can be allowed and progress monitored via a food diary.

It is worth mentioning there is a higher incidence of illness around power lines and other strong magnetic fields. Whatever is poisoning your daughter could be originating from anywhere in any form; clearly beginning with the basic easy answers is logical but in the end if no culprit is found it could literally mean leaving no stone unturned.

I hope this helps.
Good luck!
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