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12 year old with enlarged penis

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Dear Doctor,

It seems my sons penis is enlarged most times. He is almost 12 years of age.

We are concerned that this might lead to complications and unnecessary stress due to changes in his hormonal levels and physical attributes. i realize that he is entering the stage of puberty and changes are bound to happen.

Please guide us on the possibilities that may be causing this and if any home remidies are avail since he is sensitive in nature.

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replied March 5th, 2010
I'm sorry I wanted to help but I need you to be more specific. Do you mean that his penis is erect most of the time? And what do you mean by most of the time? Also has he started puberty (does he have any signs like pubic hair?). Also could I ask where you come from? I'm not a doctor but I do know a lot about this so I may be able to help, I'm also pretty medically minded and my uncle is a doctor which helps. If you give me more information I'll try to help. For now though be sure to reassure your son that he shouldn't feel ashamed or embarrassed, it's very important that he should know he shouldn't feel bad about this. Frequent erections are normal at the onset of puberty to an extent, I need more specific information to understand what exactly the problem is.
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