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Hello all My name is Issa and I am 22 years old , and a few months ago, I started having chest discomfort in the left side, the pain remained for several weeks then it gone , I vested a doctor how asked for a blood tests, and everything turned to be ok , the pain was accompanied by a strange feeling in the left arm (a feeling not pain), a few days ago the pain returned with the same symptoms as the old one, I usually juggle around the home, and no pain what so ever is there !! It comes usually when I am setting, or doing nothing physical. The pain is quick and short, but it is there all day it doesn’t stop, the time between it varies, yesterday I had no pain at all. I have no family history of heart attacks, and I am not fat. And I move a lot, Please can you tell me what’s wrong, and what can I do Thanks in Advance .

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replied March 4th, 2010
Extremely eHealthy
hi issa
there are many conditions that can cause chest pain.
gas in stomach
thoracic outlet syndrome
neuromuscular problems
chances are its not your heart.
a trip to the dr to get some basis tests and have the dr listen to your heart should rule out any heart trouble....pete
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