I am having a difficult time with understanding add i guess. my granddaughter is having a difficult time retaining information taught in school. she gets good grades. she passed her spelling test and then was asked to use one of the words in a sentence and as my daughter explained it to me, she used the word in a sentence that a second grader would write. my daughter complains that she can't get her attention if the television is on and as i remember, that is with any child absorbed in a program. i need to understand the symptoms of add.
my daughter said that my granddaughter inherited it from her father. is that possible?
what can ayone tell me about add and the signs and/or an alternative to the strong meds. i have been hearing about that drs. put children on.
can anyone help me?

concerned nana
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replied September 19th, 2010
Isee the same thing with my daughter. She passes her spelling tests but she doesnot know how to use the words in a sentence. Today she will understand some concepts and she will write her sentences, tomorrow she never heard of it before.
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