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8 year old was just diagnosed with seizures

I have an 8 year old who was just diagnosed with seizures. i am not sure what i can do to help prevent her from having one or what i can do to reduce the risk of her having one. Any advice from one parent to another or one person to another???
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replied December 30th, 2011
hi, do you know what sort of epilepsy that they have?? my 8yr old daughter has epilepsy, shes had it from when she was 1 yr old... not really a lot you can do to prevent it i found, being close by at all times has been how i am with her... her seizure have changed a lot from then, & she has been on quite a few meds!! i have found that lately we have her on keppra 650mg of the oral liquid.. we have always been giving her meds approx 6hr intervals, however she was still always having seizures, we thought that perhaps we not giving enough time between doses, so we have now been giving the doses approx 12hrs intervals... so if shes up at 7am we will give her meds at 7pm & makesure theres time for them to kick in otherwise she gets a bit nervous & her hand may shake/tremble a bit

dont know if any of this has been helpful in anyway, but i am happy to answer any other questions you may have if you would like to ask.... i know it can be pretty confronting & daunting when they are 1st diagnosed... i have epilepsy myself & it took me a long time to accept it as i was already 13...
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