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20 year old virgin girl that is on period 24/7 since 2006

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I am a 20 year old virgin girl that has been on her period 24/7 since 2006.. First time when i got my period was when i was 12 this was in 2003 and everything was normal i had my period once a month in 2006 that whole month of December i was on my period and ever since that time i am always on my period if my period stops it stops for 2-3 days and then its back. In 2008 i couldn't help it anymore so i visit the doctor and they put me on birth control which i was on for 2 moths and then i stooped because i have seen changes on me (geting fat,mood wasn't rite etc.) when i stooped taking them everything came back i had my period 24/7 by days going by i started being very weak i didn't have any energy for anything i was lazy for everything i always wear black because i am very scared if my period pass through my clothes .. i have finished high school in 2008 when i was 17 and i wanted to go to college but my period didnt let me because i was on it all the time and i didnt have energy short of breath lazy etc. 2011 in march i went to doctors and i found out i was anemic (not anymore) i told the doctors what the problem was so i took blood test and all the other tests and they again said hormone change so they just put me on birth control(seasonique) once again and this time the seasonique helped only one month the second month i was taking them it didnt help i was still on my period 24/7 so i stoped taking them and now i am very scared to be anemic again i am taking iron pills once a day but i am very scared/tired of me being on my period all the time i do want to move on with my life finish college, work, get married have kids and live life like everyone else.. in 2 months i will be 21 i am5'8 i weight 145 please if you can tell me what i should do? what you think is the problem with me please .. What kind of pills would i have to take to get me to regualte my period..pls let me know all the information.. thank you so much and i am very sorry for writing this long.

One more question i have if it is hormone change when do the hormones change stop by what year?

thank you once again Smile
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replied December 16th, 2011
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You have to return to your doctor. You cannot just stop taking pills that the doctor prescribed and expect everything to be ok. If you have problems with it, return to the same doctor.

Since your menstrual and fertility cycles are closely tied to your hormones, hormone changes is a catch all phrase used when something change. The doctor needs to determine why your hormones changed. By itself, hormone changes is not a treatable thing. The cause of this must be found and treated.

Best of luck!
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