Sudden onset headache-
Little background here. Has arachnoid cyst, that has been not doing anything for over 5 years. He wears glasses for eye turning in.
Took him to ER after day 3 because my mind wouldn't rest knowing about the cyst. They did scan told me not cyst related, no swelling in back of eyes and cat scan didnt show any sinus infection or change in cyst. Took him to pediatrician medicine to lower ear pressure, - no change after that round it was Antihistamine at night but that helped him sleep night 1 but even after 3 nights he still isnt sleeping well.
Had him not wear glasses for couple days to see if maybe related. and took him for eye exam thinking maybe it was vision related. Told not related. He has missed school and the one day I did manage to get him in there he was home within the hour. When its really bothering him he is begging for lights off.
He tells me that it feels like squeezing. What could this be?
I scheduled an appointment with a neurologist but that is not for 2 weeks.
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replied March 4th, 2012
I had "killer" sinus headaches that started suddenly when I was in my forties. (Exedrin et al did not help. My secretary kept suggesting it was a sinus headache and I kept saying "I don't get sinus headaches." It lasted four days and I finally tried a sinus headache over the counter drug and the headache was gone in about 30 minutes. About ten years later, around 1998? while visiting a health food store in Arizona, the manager told me "if people took MSM, they would not have sinus headaches." I bought a bottle and when I returned to Texas, I started taking the capsules. I stopped having sinus headaches. True story! I took just 1000 mg per day for several months - can't remember exactly how long - and later started taking it for a few days only when I felt the slightest sinus headache symptom. Many months, maybe even a year passes before I feel even a twinge or hint of the headache. I am going to start taking the recommended dosage for detox and hopefully some relief from knee pain. I have never seen MSM touted for sinus headaches online, which is a shame. If you have them, you know how miserable and sick they make you feel. I had no drainage, mucus, or any indication of sinus problems, just the headache. If you try MSM and your headaches stop, please come back to this forum and report it, as well as spreading the word in other forums, blogs, twits, etc. MSM does not stop the pain of a headache, but I stopped getting the headaches after only a few months of taking it in capsule form.
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