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12 year old son not hungry and below weight

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My son is 12 going on 13 and has no appetite. Every time I ask him if he is hungry he says not really. He only eats 1 meal aday. He only weighs 75-78 pounds.
The doctor has done bloodwork, but so far everything has come back normal. Anybody with a similar problem? Or suggestions?
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replied January 14th, 2012
my son is 11 yrs old, and i was searching for the same problem with him, he's always not hungry or i don't like that food or i'm full.... he wights abt 79 pound average hieght, worried abt him alt , i asked the docter did the blood work he was fine,the only good thing abt that he eats alot of fruits, some raw vegitables like bell pepper even cilantro by it self, strange ha!he loves salads, i force him to drink the milk even though doesn't like it,
lately i started adding some ground flax seed to some the food, since it's high in omega 3, and also chia seeds high in omegs 3 and protien and fiber. but i still need to know if this gonna ever change when he gets older. i hear from some of my friends that thier boys started eating non stop since they turn 14-16 yrs old, so i hope things change for our kids.cause this is a very important age to grow healthy.
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