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12 year-old son having Seizures!

my 12 year-old son told me in Jan that he had had a seizure, in Feb we saw his pediatrician who referred us for an EEG. Last week he had a grand mal seizure and spent two days in hosp...ER did a CT..nothing remarkable, and upon admittance another EEG was done-still nothing. Dr. did not perform any blood work, but I insisted on a thyroid test. Results were not available before we were discharged with 1500mg of Kepra--the dosage was reduced to 1000mg(500) taken twice daily.

I was going to start with a Endocrinologist,and have a sleep study done--we are scheduled for an MRI on Monday. To me it seemed like they just want to give us meds and not find out the WHY for the cause of the seizures...according to the Epilepsy Foundation website, blood work is done, but really had to be proactive about they thyroid test which is low normal.

My son ventured into the sport of wrestling in Oct--I pulled the plug when he injured his was a simple low back strain, would he develop seizures so far after he quit?
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replied April 11th, 2011
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